St. Ann’s Alumni & Friends of Little Mexico, Inc. is a community-based organization made up of persons who lived in Little Mexico and their descendants. We are a group of former St. Ann’s students, former residents of the old “barrio”, and people with a personal interest in preserving the history of Little Mexico.

We are a charitable and preservationist organization evolved from the successful efforts of Leanor and Ronnie Villareal, among others such as Helen and Liz Cedillo, Christine Diaz, and Gloria Ramos to name a few, to save the beloved old St. Ann’s School from the wrecking ball. Now, with St. Ann’s school designated as a Dallas Historical Landmark, the organization’s primary focus is in furthering the education of our youth and preserving the history of “the barrio” as a whole.

As a charitable group we are dedicated to providing scholarships to students wishing to pursue higher education.

As a preservationist group, we do our best to remember our roots and history through our annual photo exhibit at the State Fair of Texas, under the Mundo Latino banner. Photos contributed by many sentimentalists, such as we, have been proudly displayed.

Mission Statement

We strive to promote and preserve the history of St. Ann’s, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and Little Mexico through the collection of pictures and oral history of the Barrio. We shall honor the memory of those that nurtured our minds and souls, the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, the Carmelite priests by providing scholarships to educate our youth.

Our Photo Exhibit

A few recipients of the St. Ann’s Scholarship